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Communication and conflict resolution skills are needed to achieve balance in a marital or significant partner relationship. Couple’s therapy offers a therapeutic and skilled third-party perspective on how to resolve conflicts that may cause anger and distance in a relationship. Arguments are sometimes based on subconscious expectations that neither partner is able to identify or articulate, yet both demand that those needs be met. Other times, “ghosts from past experiences” (e.g., from one’s family of origin, personal unpleasant incidents and resentments from unresolved conflicts) enter the argument – deviating and escalating the initial dispute. Couple’s therapy serves as a way to guide couples to approach their differences in a healthy way, empowering them to communicate openly and build a more satisfying, trustful relationship.

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Pre-marital Counseling

PREPARE/ENRICH is a well-respected set of questionnaires used to assist couples in evaluating their relationship and the potential for growth and long-term satisfaction. The questionnaires are designed for relationships in several stages: pre-marital, married couples and second marriages with or without children.

At The Men’s Center, we can offer couples these valuable assessments and process the information with the couple to help determine the strengths of their relationship and prepare a plan for the continued growth needed for long-term success.

  • First Marriages – The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool is used to gauge a couple’s expectations, communication skills and strengths. Then, using the assessment information, several sessions will be facilitated to discuss how the couple can use these strengths and skills to build a rewarding marriage, highlighting the areas that need strengthening.
  • Second MarriagesPREPARE/ENRICH helps assess expectations, skills and strengths for couples who are approaching a second marriage and have children from a previous marriage or relationship. Discussion sessions will focus on using skills to communicate and function well in a blended family and helping the couple to prepare for the unique issues that arise in these marriages.

To learn more about PREPARE/ENRICH, please visit the Life Innovations Web site at


There are times when the cognitive, emotional and physical components in your relationship are not in sync. Consequently, balance is not achieved because communication is stifled by a multitude of issues that may include cognitive distortions, your sexual beliefs and body image, as well as shame, anger and fear of rejection. We offer supportive counseling to help you learn how to address issues that may impact your sexual self and build a more intimate and satisfying relationship.


The betrayal of infidelity leaves its mark on the relationship as well as the individual partners. It is often devastating emotionally and difficult to get over. Most couples who seek professional guidance for how to recover from an affair never dreamed they would find themselves in such an emotionally painful predicament. However, even the most devout couples can be vulnerable to infidelity if partners are not vigilant to protect their relationship from such intrusions. Learn More.

Divorce/Separation Adjustment

Experiencing a separation or going through a divorce creates turbulence to your well-being. There is not only a loss of that significant other, but also a sense of loss in your identity, your dreams and your expectations for your future. This is a time when a confluence of raw emotions inhibits your rational thinking. For some, it is experienced as a withdrawal, similar from a withdrawal from medications. Others move from one relationship to another, but ending with the same result – feeling abandoned, isolated and discouraged. It is only through identifying “lessons learned” from the unsuccessful relationship (e.g., your needs, role and complicity in the interaction) that you can take steps to ensure and build trusting and healthy partnerships.

Anger Management

Anger is generally perceived to be a negative emotion. However, it is just as valid and needed for human survival as other emotions, such as joy, happiness, sadness and grief. When equated with destructive behaviors, however, anger convolutes our thoughts, intentions and our ability to express ourselves.

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