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Surviving Sexual Violence and Child Abuse

Research suggests that one in six males is sexually abused before they reach adulthood. About three percent of American men — 2.78 million men — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. Other research suggests that 61% of college age males are sexually harassed. Though these statistics are staggering, services and support are historically focused on women and children.

Men who survive sexual abuse profoundly feel a sense of isolation, inadequacy and shame. Because of stereotypes, cultural definitions of masculinity, and the inaccurate portrayals of “being a man”, these men find it difficult to seek services. They suffer alone, questioning not only their sexual orientation and masculinity, but also their ability to form intimate relationships, father children, and have sense of efficacy. Their culturally sanctioned silence produces depression, rage and addictions for some. They experience symptoms, such as flashbacks and anxiety attacks, as well as being prone to other physical medical conditions, including migraines. Those who courageously seek support and services often find professionals who don’t have the clinical experience to help them. Unfortunately, their experience and condition becomes misdiagnosed and treatment focuses elsewhere.

The Men’s Center was originally founded to specifically focus on adult male survivors of sexual abuse. We have the clinical skills and experience to understand and meet your needs. And though we have expanded our services, we still are the experts in the field of treating male survivors. We continue to provide training to other professionals statewide and nationally on the complexities of male survivor issues. We will partner with you and support your transformation from victim, to survivor, to thriver. In addition, because your significant other, family and close friends are vicariously impacted, we will counsel them to not only understand your experience, but to help them deal with theirs.

When you come to The Men’s Center, you are no longer alone.

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For more information on myths about male sexual abuse, please visit the Web site of the organization MaleSurvivor.

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