Anger Style Self-Test

Directions: Please answer the following thirty questions by circling the most correct answer based on the ways you generally handle your anger. There are no correct or incorrect answers. If you think that the best answer would be “sometimes” then still try to select a best “Yes” or “No” answer, and add the letter “S” to your response.

1. I try never to become angry.
2. I really get nervous when others become angry.
3. I feel I am doing something bad when I become angry.
4. I often tell people I’ll do what they want, but then frequently forget.
5. I frequently say things like “Yeah, but…” and “I’ll do it later.”
6. People tell me I must be angry, but I’m not certain why they say that.
7. I frequently become jealous, even when there is no reason.
8. I don’t trust people very much.
9. Sometimes I feel as if people are out to get me.
10. My anger comes on really fast.
11. I act before I think when I become angry.
12. My anger goes away quickly.
13. I become angry when people criticize me.
14. People say I’m easily hurt and oversensitive.
15. I become angry easily when I feel bad about myself.
16. I become angry in order to get what I want.
17. I try to frighten others with my anger.
18. I sometimes pretend to be very angry when I really am not.
19. Sometimes I become angry just for the excitement or action.
20. I like the strong feelings that come with my anger.
21. Sometimes when I’m bored I start arguments or pick fights.
22. I seem to become angry all the time.
23. My anger feels like a bad habit I can’t break.
24. I get mad without thinking – it just happens.
25. I become very angry when I defend my beliefs and opinions.
26. I often feel outraged about what other people say and do.
27. I always know I’m right in an argument.
28. I hang onto my anger for a long time.
29. I have a hard time forgiving people.
30. I hate many people for what they’ve done to me.


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