Our Belief

At The Men’s Center, we believe in your right to thrive. Yet in order to thrive, you must be authentic with yourself. Being authentic may include acknowledging difficult experiences and behaviors, accepting a confluence of complex emotions, and confronting these challenges with true courage.

Our Focus

At The Men’s Center our focus is your wellbeing. We understand the implications of life’s challenges and transitions. Some of these events may be debilitating and hinder your ability to meet your goals. We also recognize there are stereotypes and heavy expectations placed upon “men” that impede you from seeking support for life’s challenges.

Our Role

At The Men’s Center, our role is to partner with you as you identify your needs and concerns, discover your resilience, and develop strategies to meet your potential.

Our Expertise

At The Men’s Center, our skill-base is wide ranging to include promoting cognitive, emotional, and physical health through individual and couples counseling services. We also provide analytical consultations and proven training services to organizations and businesses.

Within our expertise, we specialize in helping men and women heal from the ravages of sexual addiction through an evidence-base treatment program. We also provide treatment to adult male survivors of sexual violence. And in order to scaffold your recovery from these issues, we also support and educate your spouses/significant others to the nature of your situation.

Learn More

The Men’s Center welcomes people of all backgrounds. If you have questions or comments about our services, or if you want to learn more about how The Men’s Center can help you or someone close to you, please contact us.

The Men’s Center. A Place for Healing, Mindfulness & Possibilities.

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