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Divorce/Separation Adjustment

When intimate relationships are strained to the point of a couple deciding to separate or divorce, it can be very helpful to seek professional guidance. The coupling relationship is the most complex relationship we encounter in life and is often the most emotionally charged. So much of our experience of ourselves becomes entwined with our partner that we suffer a sense of loss of self when that relationship deteriorates or ends. Couples who are unable to resolve conflict, experience infidelity or have lost interest in one another often seek separation as the first step in the process of leave-taking.

Separation can actually be a healthy alternative to filing for divorce and allow the couple to gain some emotional and physical space needed to better evaluate whether divorce is unavoidable, or whether with guidance, they can resolve the issues that seem insurmountable. Separation can serve to keep the relationship from deteriorating further and protect it from irrevocable damage that can occur when anger and disappointment have turned into resentment and damaging personal attacks.

The loss of a relationship through divorce is a grieving process that can last for two or more years. When the relationship ends, so do many unstated hopes and dreams and life as we currently know it. Each of those changes can be a grief process in and of itself, requiring changes in lifestyle, economic status, social status, living location, parenting and extended family support.

The Men’s Center is a place for couples to explore alternatives to divorce, get support for the process of change they are undergoing and work together to determine how to minimize the negative impact on their children.


The betrayal of infidelity leaves its mark on the relationship as well as the individual partners. It is often devastating emotionally and difficult to get over. Most couples who seek professional guidance for how to recover from an affair never dreamed they would find themselves in such an emotionally painful predicament. However, even the most devout couples can be vulnerable to infidelity if partners are not vigilant to protect their relationship from such intrusions. Learn More.

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