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Anger Management

Anger is generally perceived to be a negative emotion. However, it is just as valid and needed for human survival as other emotions, such as joy, happiness, sadness and grief. When equated with destructive behaviors, however, anger convolutes our thoughts, intentions and our ability to express ourselves. For some, anger is the default emotion to communicate fear, sadness or excitement. For some men, it is a culturally sanctioned cloak for underlying depression. When this happens, the unhealthy and destructive expression of anger becomes the focal point, and creates distance in our relationships. Consequently, we lose our credibility and opportunities to create positive memories.

At The Men’s Center, we will help you understand your anger by educating you on the three different styles of anger, as well as their subcategories. By first understanding the origins and the payoff of your destructive anger, we can help you develop healthy and positive skills to express your concerns.

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